Friday, October 2, 2009

Fun Do it yourself - All American

1. Bijou, goat’s milk cheese from Vermont, semi firm in the style of the Loire Valley goat cheeses. Mild flavored and delicate, it can be addictive.
2. Grand Cru Gruyere Surchoix, cow’s milk cheese from Wisconsin. Rich, spicy and nutty this is made in style of the great mountain Swiss cheeses.
3. Vermont’s Shepherd, sheep’s milk cheese made in Vermont. This is one of the great American artisan cheeses. It is made seasonal by the Ielpi Major family; this is the country’s oldest sheep’s milk cheese. Smooth, creamy, rich and earthy flavors, this is a jewel.
4. Crater Lake Blue, cow’s milk cheese from Central Point Oregon. This blue cheese is not too salty, somewhat sweet and creamy, well balanced.

Artisan cheese making in the United States has taken major steps forward, creating some amazing cheeses that can rival any European cheese. Let’s enjoy this with a Riesling from Oregon, a California Zinfandel, Niagara’s dessert wines or a Pinot Noir from the state of Washington.

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