Friday, October 2, 2009

Fun Do it yourself - Astoria's Melting Pot

1. Blue Ledge Farm Crottina, goat’s milk cheese from Salisbury Vermont, bloomy rind, milky with a hint of citrus. The silky paste of this cheese will please everyone.
2. Roomano, cow’s milk cheese from Holland. Very smooth cheese, crystals and butterscotch, this cheese melts in your mouth. This cheese is like candy to a child.
3. Azeitao, sheep’s milk cheese made in Arrabida, Portugal. This small wheel is full flavored, soft and runny with hints of sweet herbs. It will definitely become one of your favorites.
4. Stilton, cow’s milk cheese from England. This blue sometimes called a royal cheese, is not as salty or as aggressive as other blues and it has a balanced finish.

This selection honors Astoria’s multiculturalism. Great cheeses are made by great people all over the world. A place like Astoria that is home to hundreds of different cultures and accents, should in fact house an eclectic selection of cheeses. Pair this with a bottle of Port, Malvasia or a Grunner Veltliner.

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