Saturday, October 10, 2009

Our Cheese Counter:

We offer different options for our clients.

Fun-Do it yourself

Our personalized artisan cheese baskets, tell us your story, who's it for? ,what's the ocasion?, what will you drink? and we will customize a basket for your own wine and cheese party. This includes instructions on how to keep,cut and serve the cheese. A little story behind each cheese,tasting notes, suggested order and wine pairings. Impress your family or guests with your own wine and cheese party. These also make for great gifts for the holidays or any other celebration.

Fun-Do events

Let us cater your private or corporate event. We can deliver cheese platters for small groups. Organize a wine and cheese party for you by setting up an artisan cheese display with tasting notes and provide the wines to pair them with. Cater your "mingling event", which includes the artisan cheese table, wines to pair them with, glassware and our cheesy team to entertain your guests serve the wine and answer any questions they might have.

Fun-Do it for you

Let us design a cheese program for your restaurant, cafe or lounge. Create seasonal menus to pair with your wine list, train your staff on the cheeses and on how to keep them alive and happy. This is a year round consulting to establish a great cheese program. Another option is our hand picked-at their peak artisan selection that can be offered as a cheese plate.

Fun-Do it a lot

Wholesale for restaurants, cafes and lounges. Pick from our selection of artisan cheeses and we will deliver them to your establishment. Another option is our Cheese Club, a monthly selection of artisan cheeses at their peak, paired with a bottle of wine, tasting notes and a little history on the cheeses. This is for people whose passion for artisan cheeses and great wines is a celebration!

Fun-Do it together

An interactive class, where the instructor cuts and plates the cheeses while sharing stories behind each artisan cheese, gives advice on how to keep the alive and happy and finally pairs them with a selection of wines to discuss with the group what worked and what didn't. All this in a fun and relaxed atmosphere. This option is also great for corporations wanting to create team unity, by making it more interactive having the group participate in the cutting, plating and pouring process. Cheese and wine tend to bring people together and is a great way to create team unity in the workplace.

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